Brotje Heating

Brotje heating has a very extensive range of technological heating components. They provide products with high demands for compact, wall-and floor-heating systems for gas and oil, very modern condensing boilers, efficient boiler controls, burners for oil or gas, effective solar energy systems, energy efficient hot water storage and wide range of radiators and bathroom radiators and design.
Something ITT Controls is very pride of is that BRÖTJE received already three times the quality stamp ‘very good’ for heating.
For gas condensing technology we have the Ecotherm, EcoCondens and the Euro Condensation series. For oil condensing technology have NovoCondens. For low temperature oil technology we have the Logo Bloc series. For solid fuel we have Wood Gasification Boilers. Also control technology and burners for oil and gas are products of Brotje Heating.
BRÖTJE Gas condensing technology distinguishes itself by high quality, space saving, cost efficient technology and sustainability. In addition the devices look good and are very quiet. Something in certain situations is an outcome.
BRÖTJE Oil condensing technology is clean and gives value for money. For standard or low sulfur fuel oil closed applications can be delivered with all the advantages of modern heating technology. Compact and robust design in corrosion-resistant cast iron and stainless steel tanks with a quiet operation for sound insulation covers distinguishes BRÖTJE of colleagues in the market. Of course with an excellent performance up to 103%.
BRÖTJE Low temperature oil technology delivers complete solutions for oil. Perfectly matched burner and boiler technology. High performance at low temperature heating. The three-pass design of the Logo Bloc L boiler combines high performance with energy-efficient heat dissipation and a long life cycle which distinguishes themselves with the rest of the market.
BRÖTJE for wood gasification of solid fuel stoves. A natural and regenerative and environmentally friendly heating fuel gives much more power than normal wood stoves. BRÖTJE wood gasification boilers are supplied with a maximum energy use and emissions.
BRÖTJE burners for oil and gas solutions are multi talented. Universal one or two-stage oil or gas burners of BRÖTJE can be adapted to each heating system. Guaranteed to reliable, economical and low emissions, also in combination with older systems!

Remeha Boilers

Remeha has been active since the early 50s  in boilers for central heating. Besides Remeha boilers for solid fuels they manufacture atmospheric (standing) boilers, boilers, oil fired boilers, gas boilers, pressure boilers and pressure boilers with burner attachment for oil and / or gas. ITT Controls delivers products and components from Remeha. 

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Piezo Ignition

ITT Controls gives optimal care to clients with the widest possible range of products and brands. ITT Controls wants to meet the demand for different components and alternatives in the oil and gas industry.

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Dresser Valves

ITT Controls also supplies products and components of Dresser Valves. For all phases of the energy industry Dresser Valve Division (DVD) designs and manufactures valves, pumps, actuators, and other instrumentation

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ITT Xylem

ITT Controls also supplies products and components from Xylem. Around the world Xylem delivers a wide product range and applications in the oil and gas industry. Xylem is a leading supplier of pumps, valves, analytics and treatment systems.

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ITT Controls also supplies products and components of the brand Intercal (Intercal Wärmetechnik). In the market of cheap heating and condensing systems, oil burners and gas burners, solar energy, low inside temperature techology, hybrid systems and heat pumps Intercal is one of the market leaders.

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